Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mothers Day

My DS and DDIL and the 3 boys spent the weekend with us. We played way too much Wii, went swimming and just having fun. Sunday morning the boys made their mom a mini album. It turned out wonderful, complete with tons of flowers and buttons! All the kids cooked breakfast and cleaned up, that made the day really special!

T is now a gainfully employed teenager! She is working at Cold Stone Creamery and this was her 2nd day of work. Typical moaning about working 4 hours and so tired she can't do any chores at home:) We did have a discussion about the hair "do" while working around food, funny the owner/manager was standing right there and the hair seemed ok with her! The plus side of this job is she brought home all the samples she learned to make, all us us were excited for this ice cream treat!


Happy Mother's Day said...
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Catherine said...

Sounds like it was a great Mother's Day. My first boyfriend worked at Baskin/Robbins. Not a bad job and the fringe benefits are pretty good! :)

KALDesign said...

What a fun way to spend time with your grandsons. I can't wait til my little guys are old enough to start doing stuff like that. Looks like it was a wonderful Mother's Day!!!!

sherry d said...


Once again, thanks for posting at my blog. If i do say so myself, my guys are quite handsome.

That Weatherford trip looked fun! I'm thinking about that SF bus tour. Ever been? Sounds fun.

Glad you enjoyed your MD on Sunday as well.

One last thing, it seems i have to work harder than i'd like to apply my adhesive with my ATG. Any tips. It shouldn't hurt my wrist or tire my hand, i wouldn't think. Thinking i'm doing something wrong.


P.S. stay safe in this yucky storm tonight!