Saturday, May 03, 2008

First Time at Whataburger

Janet has never eaten at Whataburger in her life!! On several road trips we have had conversations regarding how yummy Whataburger ketchup is! Some people know this to be a fact, and you know who you are:) Janet thought we had lost our minds, being so excited about a fast food ketchup. Thursday we were on a road trip to Corsicana and saw this Whataburger sign. We decided this was the time for her to step up to doing her first Whataburger meal complete with ketchup! We had to back-track to get there through a less than desirable neighborhood but we made it. I think Janet found Whataburgers ketchup to be just as the sign said, she had 3 packets with her lunch.


Catherine said...

I've never seen a Whataburger either. Sounds like I'm living a deprived life.

sherry d said...

Oh, you're so right about Whataburger ketchup! I remember as a kid calling it 'waterburger'!

I have to ask, why hasn't she eaten at one? Not from these parts or just not a fast food person? Just curious.


KALDesign said...

I am so glad that Janet finally had the chance to experience Whataburger. Congratulations on introducing her to Whataburger Ketchup!!!