Friday, June 06, 2008

GASC, doors open

At 9 am sharp the doors opened. We happened to be standing in an isle by the front doors when they opened and I could not believe my eyes. Women came running at full speed, spreading out in all directions, I was stunned, you would think there was only one item in the entire convention and they were going to get it! It was crowded all day but we managed to see Linda, Dot, Patsy, Lisa and Kathy among all the 1,000's of women there! We decided not to eat "convention" food so walked across the street the Sheraton for lunch. I think today I will do some make and takes and just enjoy the show! It is much easier to navigate without all the strollers and carts,so that is a big plus.


Catherine said...

This is an interesting behind-the-scenes look! You'll have to let us know what catches your eye.

sherry d said...

Yes, let us know what caught your eye! I haven't been in years and hope to return soon if worth it.

Did they ban carts/strollers? I remember my first time was with the boys - not the easiest way to shop, that's for sure. But the boys did well. I know some kiddos don't do well at ALL at these kinds of events.

Tell us more . . .