Monday, June 09, 2008

GASC final day

The last day of the GASC didn't seem to be as crowded but it was still packed with long lines at booths, shopping and checking out. I didn't see anything mind blowing new but the Zutter corner rounder was in stock there for a few days, Karen directed me to some new Prima Dude paper that is adorable. It was a fun, fast paced 3 days and we did learn a lot about scrapbook conventions! I saw this booth and for some reason is just cracked me up...guess you can buy anything at this convention!
We ate dinner at the Trail Dust. This restaurant has been around a long time and still fun to visit. It has a 2 story slide that kids of all ages were loving and a band plays every night. The food was just ok, but overall a nice step back in time!


Catherine said...

I'm LOL at some of those photos!

sherry d said...

What kind of booth was that?

And did i see a lady with a backpack with lights?

Wish you saw more fun and new stuff, but still sounds like a great time.