Thursday, June 05, 2008

GASC, set up day

Today was set up day for all the vendors plus an all day crop.We were there by 7:30 am and the trucks and U-hauls were arriving and waiting in line to unload. The pictures show all the many, many boxes waiting at each vendors booth to be unpacked and set up. We saw a lot of different ways people packed, and transported their merchandise to the shows. I really liked seeing the behind the scenes and how much work goes into getting a booth ready. The doors opened at 10 am for the 10-10 crop and there were about 600 ladies waiting in line to get in by 9am. There were several shops set up in the crop room and the buying frenzie began once they got to their tables. They could only buy in the crop room, the offical shopping begins tomorrow at 9am.

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Melanie said...

Cool! I didn't realize you were going to be a vendor at GASC. I hope it went well!