Monday, August 11, 2008

Flower Power

I was at a retreat this weekend and noticed a lady scrapping beautiful flower pictures. I looked through her layouts and there was this bug. I believe it was from a flower/garden show in Dallas. She was so nice to give me a copy to add to my relative bug collection.

This has to be my 60's hippie sister!
The second picture, Karen's husband took at a restaurant. Those relatives are everywhere!

And yes, I am making a mini album that will be stuffed with all my relatives! I found a template for the old Beetle to use for the album!


KALDesign said...

love the flower bug....I have always thought the little vase by the steering wheel in Bugs was a nice touch. I think they put too much Miracle Grow in this one.
Can't wait to see your album

Catherine said...

That flower bug is amazing!