Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Surfing Video

My life has been so busy lately with work, nothing else seems to be going on. I thought I would upload a video of T surfing in the Atlantic. Hopefully I am better at uploading this video than I was a taking the video:)


Catherine said...

That's so cool!

sherry d said...

Cool video! Brave girl!

My NYC pics are still in my camera. Since going back to work i haven't remembered to put them on. I'll try doing that tonight! I'm sure you've heard SBF is closing! I'm so terribly upset. I LOVE SBF! Where's a girl to shop now??? You may have to give me and Desi some tips. I don't mind Archiver's but no one, for me, has or will beat the service and hospitality of SBF. I sure hate this. Desi and I will be at the scrapathon. Are you popping in? I need to get those license plates to you. If we can't work it out now through SBF, let me know what will work for you. I can bring them Saturday one, if i remember, and two, if you think you'll stop by.

Look for my pics soon!