Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Air Boat Tour

Monday we went on an air boat tour of the swam to see the alligators up close and personal.I am not sure where we went, a van picked us up at the hotel but it was about 20 minutes from NO. Our driver was telling us stories about Katrina and that he was staying in a round hotel and how horrible it was when the windows were blowing out. We are not where there was any damage from Katrina, I think we will see some when we leave LA tomorrow. The tour was awesome. We watched our guide feed the alligators marshmallows and you can see from the pictures how close we were to them. We saw a female alligator and her nest. She growled and hissed at us for even being there. It is really interesting to hear all about her nesting and hatching process. The air boat was a blast. There were 5 of us on the boat and it reached speeds of about 35mph on the water.That did help cool us off and when it stopped in the swamp it was so hot and muggy. After we came back to NO, our driver let us off at VooDoo BBQ. It was voted the best BBQ in NO and I really liked it! We could catch the trolley just outside the restaurant so we stood and waited. We found out we had to have exact change to get on it and we didn't have it. I walked over to a bar ( that was a trip) but they couldn't open their cash register ( I could see why) so I went back to the VooDoo BBQ and got change. All the time T was waiting and worried that I would miss the trolley. You can tell that by the picture! We rode back to Canal street ( where the French Quarter starts) and walked back to our hotel. We are going to ride the river boat tonight and then go to Florida tomorrow for some nice white sand and blue water!


Sandy McC said...

Whoa... that's closer than I ever want to get to an alligator! lol Cool tour, though!

Chick-a-dilly said...

Looks fun, although I would have been just a little bit nervous! How was the French Quarter? I would love to have seen it before Katrina.

Catherine said...

Holy COW!! Those gators are close!