Monday, July 14, 2008

Georgia and South Carolina

We are in Savannah GA. and it is a beautiful historic city! We drove to Hilton Head, SC to meet some friends,actually he is the pastor that married us some 30 years ago. We had a great visit for a few hours.
I think we have vacationed out! We may pack up and start the long drive home. It has been a lot of fun but we are all ready to get home.
The hotel we stayed in at Cocoa Beach was built by the 7 astronauts, just a tidbit of information.
The very tall bridge is crossing the Savannah River going to South Carolina.The picture of the Savannah River going across the very tall bridge!
The very tall pine trees are in Georgia.

A few fun facts that we have discovered:
Sweet tea, always an option, is realllly sweet!
Hamburgers are done differently in every state.
Coleslaw certainly has a lot of ways to be prepared!
I noticed that on the Interstates the outline of each state is on the sign boards! I never paid attention to that before!
Ice in iced tea is just a cube or two.
The welcome center coming into every state is a wealth of information, and the maps are free.
99% of the time Jill knows where she is going.
Everyone loves to pet a tiny furry dog.
All hotels are not created equal.
White sand is cool to walk on, black sand is hot!!
I have found VW relatives all along our trip!!


fever team said...

Hey that is the same Georgia sign we took pictures by on our way to NC!

sherry d said...

Beautiful pics of the Savannah River and pine trees! Nice to see some purty parts of my birth town.
Sorry i didn't get to reply sooner to email about the city you mentioend, but no i had not been there or know anything about it. And yes, i've heard parts of Savannah are not so hot, but the historic parts are.

Enjoy trip home; be careful!


Catherine said...

You've certainly seen a lot of territory on your trip! Love your list of interesting facts!

Melanie said...

Cool facts! I've always wanted to visit that part of the country. Someday...