Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Chase

Yesterday we were coming home from shopping and I saw a pink VW convertible on the access road! That relative was not getting away!! We got off the freeway at the next exit, cut through a car lot and drove up and down each parking row at the Outlet Mall. It was not there. Even though it was 100 plus degrees we were not going home until I found this car. It had to be an older aunt that had extensive cosmetic surgery. We found her parked at the movies. My camera was at home but T used her cell phone to capture this relative. Just look at all the "reconstructive surgery" she has had in the last 10 plus years.


Catherine said...

"Reconstructive surgery".....ROFL...!

sherry d said...

Too funny! She's definitely been fixed up nicely. Good pics with a cell phone to boot! I love you tales of VW relatives.


Melanie said...

LOL about the "extensive cosmetic surgery"!!! I love that cool steering wheel!