Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chunky Monkey

Today Marie and I had a meeting at Everything Hippo, in Hutto. After our meeting we walked next door for lunch here. The food was delicious but the pie is to die for. I had the Chunky Monkey pie and believe me you get chunkier with each bite!! Actually I took home 3 slices, Coconut Cream, Key Lime, and the Chunky Monkey, of course not all for me, but to share with the family:)
Here are a few layouts I did at the retreat last week. Nothing special, just done and in the album. I am working on scrapping Stacy Julians way and found some pictures I didn't remember!!


Catherine said...

So I'm trying to envision what might be in Chunky Monkey pie.... :)

Catherine said...

And check out my blog when you get a've won, "a major award"