Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shopping and Retiring

Melbourne Fl. is the perfect place to retire! We scouted out the best places and did a little shopping while we were looking for a retirement home. I kept telling Rich to keep up with me, but he was lagging behind until the rain hit!!:) I originally saw this sweet couple sitting on a bench, but by the time we could turn around, they were on the move. I kept hoping they would sit on another bench but they were mobile and kept going, while I kept following. I am sure people thought I was out of my mind following these people with my camera. T stayed hidden in the car! The other couple were coming out of the store just as the rain hit and I had to snap this sweet picture!
Tomorrow we leave Florida,destination Savannah, Georgia, then on to Hilton Head, SC


sherry d said...

(Hearing this said in a sweet Southern draw)

Ooooh, Savannah is my birth town! I'm a Georgia peach!!!

Take some pretty pics of my birthplace! I hear it has some great history and pretty areas.
Sorry about the rain, but i bet it was kinda cool seeing the storm come in like that.


Catherine said...

This is just such a sweet series of photos!

Melanie said...

LOL! I can't believe you followed them taking photos! Cute couple, though!